Payed plans (Notion)

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Initially, Notion is for free (with certain limitations). Depending on your ambitions, upgrading to a payed plan may make sense - or not.

Limitations with a free account:

  • Up to 1,000 blocks. Simple workaround: Start a new workspace - If that's workable for you
  • Certain levels of collaborating with others. Like for Trello, it seems that in such cases all involved parties need to upgrade their Notion plan

Case 2022.11

Since Sep. 2022, I got this message, eventhough I didn't recently add stuff. Even stranger: When I remove some stuff, this message remains
Suprise: The only available update here, is to Team something - geared to collaborations. I can't even choose the Personal Pro plan. So, it's probably not this 1,000 block limit that's the point, but that I was experimenting with sharing a workspace with someone else
Settings & Members » Upgrade: Now I can see all relevant upgrades
Removal of that other person
Problem gone
Unless I will do something unexpected concerning collaborations, the Personal Pro plan is the most likely upgrade for me - Once I really hit that 1,000 block limit + don't want to mess around with separate workspaces

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