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How to collaborate or share stuff on Notion?


  1. How to share some parts of a Notion workspace with others, including edit permissions?
  2. How to make sure that they can't change the setup?
  3. How to be able to include everything in overviews?

Some thoughts

  • To start with some good news: There are possibilities for collaborationthis without having to pay for it
  • Stuff seems to become difficult, if you only want to share part of a workspace. E.g.: If you have projects for all your customers in one workspace, and you only want to share stuff that is related to customer-x, it might become tedious to accomplish this
  • More specifically: things become complicated if you want everyting in overviews but only some stuff to share with others.

Ways to manage permissions

Notion has a couple of different ways to give different groups of users different rights to a Notion system:

  1. Via Workspace in the menu at the top of the sidebar
  2. By dragging objects back and forth between the Worspace, Private and Shared sections.
  3. Link Share at the top right of the interface
  4. Share-to-web - Via menu Share at the top right.
Share via link Share top right: Sharing is free. However, as soon as you want to change rights, you have to pull your wallet. That costs $8 per user per month

Workspace members

It's easy and free: Add members to the workgroup
If you invite someone via their email address, that person will receive an email - Just like in Trello
I'm logged into my private Notion account, but I can't edit or create anything. Strange
The interface has become a lot quieter, if you can't add or change things everywhere - I would like that for myself too


Sharing via the Shared link at the top right of pages, is intended to give guests access: People from outside your organization (and therefore workspace) [1] .


  • Share-to-web (menu Share top right) allows you to share individual pages, even with people who don't have Trello themselves
  • You can set what users can or cannot do via that link - Very handy!
Share-to-web (without edit permissions): The page is now completely quiet. The button to share the next 10 lines doesn't seem to work
Share-to-web: Permission Settings