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Push in Sublime Merge: The little down-pointing triangle on the top right, opens this dialog window where the user can enter custom push commands - Very interesting functionality for a GUI

Push is the last stage of the three-stage procedure of propagating changes to code in Git:

  1. Stage
  2. Commit
  3. Push.

It's through push that changes actually get published.

Sublime Merge

Concerning push in Sublime Merge:

  • It's the up-pointing-arrow somewhere at the top-right corner of the interface
  • Corresponding Bash command: git push origin main with origin main the name of the branch in this specific case
  • Corresponding keyboard shortcut: F8
  • The small down-pointing-triangle next to the push-arrow, opens a dialog window where the Bash command can be modified - I find that a really interesting way of extending a GUI with a CLI
  • Sublime Merge asks for user name and token when pushing stuff. I think this is specific to Sublime Merge: G. didn't recognise this from the Bash commands he uses for interacting with Git/GitHub.

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