Procedures (Git)

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How it works for me right now (2023.02).


  • Git client: Sublime Merge
  • Only one repository
  • Local files for this one repository: /Git-repository - Probably to be changed to something more practical and more part of my overall structure of files & folders. It doesn't have to be stored within Dropbox, but I also don't think there is an explicit reason for not doing so (stuff isn't more private than other stuff)
  • Remote repository (if that's the correct name): Server blub8 at /usr/local/bin/. More servers may be added later
  • For now, only 1 branch (main). Maybe later use subbranches for every Trello- or Notion card
  • SSoT (Single Source of Truth): The files on GitHub. Not the stuff on the server.

Work on local files

Just work on the files in the local repository. Whenever a change is detected at the local repository, it is displayed in Sublime Merge - Very easy and usefull for controlling the error (or how Montessori called it exactly - Being able to check for errors yourself)

  • Edit files: Works as expected
  • Delete files: Works the same in Sublime Merge as for editing, but in the end, the file has not been deleted from the remote repository - Maybe it's done by purpose that way. I can live with that
  • Create new files: Works as expected.

Stage, commit, push

When ready to unleash a file upon the world, do these thinks, all within Sublime Merge:

  1. Stage
  2. Commit - Comment obligatory
  3. Push - Sublime Merge asks for your token. I don't think this is obligatory from GitHub.

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