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In board view you can create Kanban-style views, where items are arranged in a matrix according to a criterion for the x- and y-axis.

  • The criterion for the y-axis (the heading) is called grouping
  • The criterion for the x-axis is called subgrouping.

Display properties side-by-side

By default, it doesn't seem possible to display some properties next to each other, rather than in a column [1]

However, one way to solve this: Create an additional property and populate this with a function that copies the values of those other fields.

Display text with properties

Would it be possible to include static text with properties? Example: I have three dates (and week numbers) per card:

  • Date entered
  • Date deadline
  • Do date (when I plan to actually do it).

I don't think that Board view is the appropriate place for this.

One way to do this: Create an additional property with a formula, and include there the earlier property + text.

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