Wp plugin verify-checksums (WP-CLI)

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$ wp help plugin verify-checksums


  wp plugin verify-checksums


  Verifies plugin files against WordPress.org's checksums.


  wp plugin verify-checksums [<plugin>...] [--all] [--strict] [--format=<format>] [--insecure]


    One or more plugins to verify.

    If set, all plugins will be verified.

    If set, even "soft changes" like readme.txt changes will trigger
    checksum errors.

    Render output in a specific format.
    default: table
      - table
      - json
      - csv
      - yaml
      - count

    Retry downloads without certificate validation if TLS handshake fails. Note: This makes the request vulnerable to
    a MITM attack.


    # Verify the checksums of all installed plugins
    $ wp plugin verify-checksums --all
    Success: Verified 8 of 8 plugins.

    # Verify the checksums of a single plugin, Akismet in this case
    $ wp plugin verify-checksums akismet
    Success: Verified 1 of 1 plugins.