Wp option patch update (WP-CLI)

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Update a serialized field:

  • You indicate subfields by naming all intermediate elements (space-separated)
  • NOTE: The current serialized field/subtree is overwritten by this command. For example, if you forget to mention intermediate elements, you delete the complete data model around that field
  • Possibly a safe way to apply this command: First read out the current value with wp option pluck and only then update it with this command.
  • Numeric values may be with or without single/double quotes
$ wp help option patch update


  wp option patch


  Updates a nested value in an option.


  wp option patch <action> <key> <key-path>... [<value>] [--format=<format>]


    Patch action to perform.
      - insert
      - update
      - delete

    The option name.

    The name(s) of the keys within the value to locate the value to patch.

    The new value. If omitted, the value is read from STDIN.

    The serialization format for the value.
    default: plaintext
      - plaintext
      - json

Example (1)

$ wp option get aws_settings

array (
  'seamless' => 'true',
  'cache' => 'true',
  'autoupdates' => 'true',
  'search_in' => 
  array (
    'title' => 1,
    'content' => 0,
    'sku' => 1,
    'excerpt' => 0,
    'category' => 0,
    'tag' => 0,
    'id' => 0,
  'outofstock' => 'true',
  'stopwords' => 'a, also, am, an, and, are, as, at, be, but, by, call, can, co, con, de, do, due, eg, eight, etc, even, ever, every, for, from, full, go, had, has, hasnt, have, he, hence, her, here, his, how, ie, if, in, inc, into, is, it, its, ltd, me, my, no, none, nor, not, now, of, off, on, once, one, only, onto, or, our, ours, out, over, own, part, per, put, re, see, so, some, ten, than, that, the, their, there, these, they, this, three, thru, thus, to, too, top, un, up, us, very, via, was, we, well, were, what, when, where, who, why, will',
  'synonyms' => 'buy, pay, purchase, acquire
box, housing, unit, package',
  'use_analytics' => 'true',
  'search_field_text' => 'Zoek producten...',
  'show_more_text' => 'Laat alle resultaten zien',
  'not_found_text' => 'Oeps, geen zoekresultaten.',
  'min_chars' => '1',
  'show_loader' => 'true',
  'show_clear' => 'true',
  'show_more' => 'true',
  'mobile_overlay' => 'false',
  'show_page' => 'true',
  'buttons_order' => '2',
  'desc_source' => 'excerpt',
  'mark_words' => 'true',
  'excerpt_length' => '20',
  'results_num' => '10',
  'highlight' => 'true',
  'show_image' => 'true',
  'show_excerpt' => 'false',
  'show_price' => 'true',
  'show_outofstock_price' => 'true',
  'show_cats' => 'false',
  'show_tags' => 'false',
  'show_sale' => 'true',
  'show_sku' => 'false',
  'show_stock' => 'false',
  'show_featured' => 'false',
  'search_archives' => 
  array (
    'archive_category' => 0,
    'archive_tag' => 0,

$ wp option pluck aws_settings search_field_text

Zoek producten...

$ wp option patch update aws_settings search_field_text "Search products"

Success: Updated 'aws_settings' option.

Example: Numeric values & quotation marks

$ wp option pluck woocommerce_dhlpwc_settings price_option_home


$ wp option patch update woocommerce_dhlpwc_settings price_option_home "79.95"   # Met dubbele aanhalingstekens

Success: Updated 'woocommerce_dhlpwc_settings' option.

$ wp option pluck woocommerce_dhlpwc_settings price_option_home


$ wp option patch update woocommerce_dhlpwc_settings price_option_home "79.95"   # Zonder aanhalingstekens

Success: Value passed for 'woocommerce_dhlpwc_settings' option is unchanged.