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  wp config set


  Sets the value of a specific constant or variable defined in wp-config.php file.


  wp config set <name> <value> [--add] [--raw] [--anchor=<anchor>] [--placement=<placement>] [--separator=<separator>] [--type=<type>]


    Name of the wp-config.php constant or variable.

    Value to set the wp-config.php constant or variable to.

    Add the value if it doesn't exist yet.
    This is the default behavior, override with --no-add.

    Place the value into the wp-config.php file as is, instead of as a quoted string.

    Anchor string where additions of new values are anchored around.
    Defaults to "/* That's all, stop editing!".

    Where to place the new values in relation to the anchor string.
    default: 'before'
      - before
      - after

    Separator string to put between an added value and its anchor string.
    The following escape sequences will be recognized and properly interpreted: '\n' => newline, '\r' => carriage return, '\t' => tab.
    Defaults to a single EOL ("\n" on *nix and "\r\n" on Windows).

    Type of the config value to set. Defaults to 'all'.
    default: all
      - constant
      - variable
      - all


    # Set the WP_DEBUG constant to true.
    $ wp config set WP_DEBUG true --raw