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Schedule a Zoom meeting within Upwork

  • Meetings live within message rooms. With meetings, Upwork means face-to-face meetings. AFAIK, it uses Zoom. I found it a bit confusing to schedule a meeting.
  • You can't just schedule a meeting. You have to ask the other party to choose a time. Solution: Schedule the meeting just before the agreed meeting time [1]
  • Maybe another way to schedule a meeting: Choose availability → You are about to schedule a meeting with yourself. Are you sure? → Go ahead and enter the meeting time

Contact outside Upwork

AFAIK, it's allowed to communicate outside Upwork, once a contract has been agreed upon:

  • [2]: Communication is not allowed outside Upwork before a contract is agreed upon
  • [3]: Once a contract is in place, communication outside Upwork is fine.

Finishing a contract

To finish a contract (e.g., because the job is done):