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At the chamber of commerce in the Netherlands, you can register `handelsnamen` for your company. They are like synonyms. E.g., The Dutch company "Zwiggel B.V." has registered "SpaceSuite" as a `handelsnaam`. That means that "SpaceSuite" is almost like a synonym for "Zwiggel B.V." (except for not being allowed to call it "SpaceSuite B.V." and surely some more limitations).

In English, the term "handelsnaam" can be translated as "trade name" or "trading name." A trade name is a name used by a business to identify itself, separate from its legal name. It's often used for branding and marketing purposes and can sometimes be synonymous with the business itself in common usage, as in the case you described with "SpaceSuite" being a trade name for "Zwiggel B.V."