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TaskAlot 4.0 has been used throughout 2022 and 2023. One major issue with Notion: You can't filter lookups, which means that e.g., lookups for clusters, get terribly cluttered. The solution: Make a backup for 2023, and start with a pruned version for 2024. Along the way, let's make some changes:

Split 'Boards' in 'Operationals' and 'Projects'

  • This was coming for a while already: Split Boards (which contains both Operationals and Projects in two tables. Along the way, let's see how minimalistic we can make these tables
  • There is such thing as a query over multiple joins. So, make sure that Projects have unique names, otherwise there might be a change, that I accidentially associate a task with the a project with the same name, but part of other operationals
  • For now, the old table Boards is kept as backup

Table Operationals


  • Name
  • Projects (relation)
  • Tasks (relation)

That's all. E.g., no status, ID, people or clusters needed yet.

Table Projects


  • Name
  • Operationals
  • ID - Using the build-in funciton
  • Status - Using the build-in function
  • Flags
  • Clusters (relation)
  • Tasks (relation)

Deleted old data

  • I just removed all tasks, projects and clusters from finished projects. Of course, I first made a backup of TaskAlot 4.0, just in case
  • Quite a drastic step, but I was getting bogged down in TA4.0 because of all the data
  • I verified that everything related to current projects, was complete

More task statusses

I extended the usual statusses to the following list:

  1. Brainstorm
  2. Backlog
  3. Next
  4. Doing
  5. Done
  6. Cancelled.

Hopefully, this will give a better overview. I especially hope that the terribly long lists Backlog and Next get a bit shorter. Also, I use Cancelled for tasks that I don't understand anymore, or that seem too old to bother about.

Replaced PlusID with build-in ID field

  • I Replaced the external PlusID ID field with the build-in ID field. Kinda stupid that you have to include a "-" in the field, but I can live with that
  • PlusID worked quite well (except when you copy an item: Then you get two items with the same ID, but you can manually change that), but the simpler the better.

Updated templates

With the new Operationals and Projects tables, I needed new templates. I found out, that you can copy existing views, also when you want multiple views (tabs) somewhere. That's a great way to keep stuff consistent. However, this only works well, if all views have unique names and if you know which view is 'authorative':

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