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How do you call work or activities that are not done as a project?


  • Sales
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Management
  • Living in a house vs. building it.

Names - Long list

Name Notes
Area This is the first A in PARA from Building a Second Brain
Business as Usual - BAU [1]
Continuous activities Source: Quora
Department - Afdeling Like the department of a company. Seems to fit at times and to completely not fit at other times
Going concern Sounds like a bookkeeping term, but is quite apt. How does the abbreviation GC look like?
Non-project work Description, rather than a name. And quite an ugly one [2]
Ongoing processes [3]
Operations Maybe this is it - Quite simple source
Operationals Worse than Operations
Operational activities Let's a description, not really a useful or attractive name
Program Added in 2023.07 - From the title of a YouTube video
Retainer Source

Names - Short list

I'm undecided about what term to use. My top-3:

  • Area
  • BAU
  • Operations.

I think that it depends on the context what is the best term ⇒ Let go of it: Use whatever fits the situation and time will tell what it will be.

Names for both things together?

Names for both these kinds together, aren't that difficult to find:

  • Activities (activiteiten)
  • Board (board): Within Trello or Notion.

Relations between operations, projects & tasks

  • It seems that projects usually live within operations in an hierarchical way
  • Maybe incorporate such a hierarchical relation in TaskAlot?
  • Operations can have loose non-project tasks. Actually, they can have a lot of it. Changes are, that within most operations most work is done outsides of projects. E.g. in the finance department of a company, there may rarely be projects (maybe once a decade when changing software and once a year to organise the department's party and maybe once a year to create the annual financial report)

Are there 'loose tasks' outside operations?

  • I have the impression that in practice, tasks always belong to an operation
  • Example: Within a government, there are a bunch of departments. The department of the prime minister is called (In NL) something like general business (algemene zaken). I think that any task that doesn't fit anywhere else, automatically ends up at this department
  • I can't find an example of a recent task that I did for a customer, that didn't fit in a operation
  • The most unusual task I recently did for a customer: A customer asked me for the invoiced amount over the last couple of years (they needed an estimate of the value of their IP and this was how they would estimate it). I think I would have filed it under Coordination, simply because there was no more obvious place - And that was just fine.

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