Limitations (Trello)

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Some limitations that I have experienced with Trello, and why I am interested in Notion. This article is written in 20223.01, and I haven't been up-to-date with Trello for a long time, so changes are that Trello actually has good solutions that I am just not aware of:

Good for projects, but not for overview

I love how intuitive it is to work with Trello for a project.

Stuff gets more complicated when the number of boards grow, and I want to have an overivew of tasks from clusters of boards. E.g., all tasks for a given customer for a given work.

Cumbersome to upgrade to a paid version?

When I would move to a paid version of Trello, it seems that everybody on the team has to do so. That seems terribly unpractical to me, for I work with a bunch of subcontrators.

Limited number of board in free version

Upgrading seems akward (see above), hence I have been using a free version. In the free version of Trello, however, there is a limit to the number of boards per team. I have taken this for granted for years now, but occasionally it dawns on me, that this is really annoying.

Amongst others, it means that I keep closing boards all the time. And having access to boards related to finished projects, might actually be really handy: I spend quite some time figuring out how I solved a certain problem in the past.