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I spend part of the time in rural east Poland. Internet access is problematic.

  • Originally, we had some terrestial LTE solution. It worked really bad, especially when more folks in this area went online
  • Currently, we have internet with BigBlu through a geostationary satellite. Bandwidth is better (still quite bad), but latency is terrible - It's not workable.

What alternatives?

Inventory - Long list

Internet access options - Rural Poland
Vendor Technology Evaluation
Amazon's Project Kuiper Low-orbit satellites Not active as of 2024.06
BigBlu Geostationary satellite
  • Relatively slow
  • High latency makes it difficult to work. E.g., SSH is frustrating to use
Constellation Networks ? ?
Digiweb ? ?
HughesNet ? ?
Maxis Communications ? ?
OneWeb ? ?
Starlink Low-orbit satellites
  • Service seems good and reasonably priced
  • I don't want to do business with a company of Elon Musk
ViaSat ? ?

Inventory - Short list