Discount Rules for WooCommerce (plugin, Flycart)

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On 2022.10.13, I installed the payed version of this plugin on advice of somebody. It looks quite impressive and flexible, with a rule-based approach.


When using the (payed) pro version, you need to install both the free version and the pro version.

Installation free version:

wp plugin install woo-discount-rules

You can download the pro version after purchasing it.

How they show up after installation:

$ wp plugin list | grep woo-discount

woo-discount-rules	active	none	2.4.5
woo-discount-rules-pro	active	none	2.4.5

After installing both parts:

  • A new menu item Woo Discount Rules is added under wp_admin » WooCommerce
  • You can now enter the license code

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