DATEDIF() (Calc)

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Use DATEDIF() to calculate and express differences in dates


Birthday calculation. A man was born on 1974-04-17. Today is 2012-06-13.

=DATEDIF("1974-04-17";"2012-06-13";"y") yields 38.

=DATEDIF("1974-04-17";"2012-06-13";"ym") yields 1.

=DATEDIF("1974-04-17";"2012-06-13";"md") yields 27.

So he is 38 years, 1 month and 27 days old.

=DATEDIF(DATE(1974,4,17);"2012-06-13";"m") yields 457, he has been living for 457 months.

=DATEDIF("1974-04-17";"2012-06-13";"d") yields 13937, he has been living for 13937 days.

=DATEDIF("1974-04-17";DATE(2012;06;13);"yd") yields 57, his birthday was 57 days ago.

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