Card-IDs (Trello)

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Like so many interesting journeys, it started with a WhatsApp message, at 2023.02.17:

Could we add some autogenerated numbers to the cards?
Is there any possibility for that in Trello?
To communicate here via numbers, not the titles of cards,
because title could always change and number is static

Custom fields?

Changes are, that this can be implemented through custom fields. That requires a payed Trello plan → Accounts & plans (Trello)


Cards already have an ID. It's incorporated in the slugs of cards. Example:

Card → card-ID = 3

Chrome extension

Appearantly, there is an extension for Google Chrome to make the existing card-ID more visable

Power-up: Card Numbers by Reenhanced

There is at least one free power-up to display the existing card-ID on cards: Card Numbers by Reenhanced

I've applied this to Finalize-fr on 2023.02.17, and it seems to work well.

Card-ID displayed within a list
Card-ID displayed on a card