Bluetooth managers (Linux Mint)

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I don't like the default bluetooth manager on Linux Mint: It requires too many clicks to reconnect the one headphone that I use all the time. This should be easier!


Bluetooth managers for Linux Mint
Name Remarks
  • More features than Blueberry
  • Can be used alongside Blueberry
  • sudo apt install blueman
  • First impression is quite bad: Non-intuitive interface
  • This is the default bluetooth manager for Linux Mint & Cinnamon
  • Aka Bluetooth manager
  • I find it too minimalistic
  • Full-featured
  • Originally for KDE, but can be used on other desktop environments too
  • sudo apt install bluedevil
Bluetooth Quick Connect
  • This is a Gnome extension - I use Cinnamon
  • [1]
  • Set of command-line tools for Bluetooth
  • This might be more efficient (because I can program it) than having a traditional GUI client
  • [2]
Pipewire Not a Bluetooth manager, but an improved alternative for Pulse Audio [3]