Accepting credit card payments

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Accepting business credit card payments in Europe, doesn't seem that straightforward.

Accept credit card payments?

Should you actually accept credit card payments at all? Some thoughts why not offering credit card payments:

  • Expensive: It seems that the fee is always quite high. If it's 3% (which seems on the low side), and you're invoicing € 1.000, that's still a € 30 fee. I think that's ridiciously expensive
  • Charge-back risk: Credit card users often have quite a period of time in which they can dispute or reverse a transaction. That's a risk.

And one reason for actually offering credit card payments: As a service to your customers. Maybe add a service-fee for payment through credit card, in addition to other payment options where you don't charge such an extra fee.


  • Expensive. Use case: Receiving USD credit card payments: € 35 expenses on a € 750 transfer is only 4,67%, but still quite an amount
  • I don't trust PayPal
  • I thoroughly dislike them
  • I don't find it professional to use them


According to [1]:

  • Strip charges 2,9% + 30 cent for a credit card transaction. That's better than PayPal
  • Not available in all countries.


A friend of mine tried out Wise in 2023, connected with a Polish Alior currency-account (which somehow is not a real bank account):

  • Didn't work much at all
  • When it did work, it was still quite expensive.

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