360-degree product views

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360-degree product views or 360-degree product animations are often used in e-commerce platforms to give customers a better understanding of the product from all angles. Such views can greatly enhance the online shopping experience by providing a more comprehensive visual representation of the product than static images alone.

Animated GIFs vs. objects with controls

Probably the easiest way to achieve a 360-degree view: Turn your video into an animated GIF. These are basically images that happen to be a bit dynamic.

Another approach: Have frames with objects with controls. Advantage: Viewers can manipulate the view. Drawback: By default, the images usually reside on the server of the provider of the object or control - Quite an undesireable situation.

Example partsnl.nl


  • The thumbnail for the second image has a layover with the text 360°. It's a link to an object at the bottom of the page
  • At the bottom of the page, there is a 360-degree view of the product. You can manipulate this with the mouse.


  • A 360-degree product view - Nice!
  • The view at the bottom of the page doesn't look like it's part of the page - Looks a bit lost
  • I thought it was hosted with a third party (Zindexer?).