ACF & PHP-API (WordPress)

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How can you automatically manage ACF fields? In particular, fill in, delete and edit?

Not directly at database level

To start with some bad news: While ACF fields are stored in tables wp_options or wp_postmeta, you cannot write directly to these tables to create ACF fields. Then the 'context' is missing, eg a repeater. So you have to do it via an API call.

Two kinds of fields

There seems to be a distinction between two kinds of ACF fields and how to approach them:

  • Fields that are associated with specific posts
  • Fiels that are not asssociated with specific posts.

The distinction will be clear in the examples below.

Retrieve a post-related field

As an example: The home page of a site has ID=7. It has a custom field hero text. How to fetch its value:





Eat more chips!
  • Function the_field() displays the value of a field directly
  • Alternatively, function get_field() returns the value rather than directly displaying it.

Retrieve an option field

Let's fetch the value of a field that is available through wp-admin » Options:

  • Name of the field figured out by looking up its field group at wp-admin » Custom fields » Field Groups: webshop_country_code
  • This is a scalar. Not a repeater, array or object. Just a single value

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