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When installing and using Yoast, several tables are added to the database, and a number of rows are added to already existing tables. The exact number depends on the functionality and size of the site. This article is about webshops with some 15.000 products, the Product Catalog taxonomy and about 10 Product Attribute taxonomies:

  • Six tables were added
  • About 22 rows were added to wp_options
  • About 22,000 rows were added to wp_postmeta
  • More?


  • wp_yoast_indexable
  • wp_yoast_indexable_hierarchy: A table of numbers. Presumably to indicate hierarchy between rows in wp_yoast_indexable
  • wp_yoast_migrations: Seems to be related to Yoast upgrades
  • wp_yoast_primary_term: List of associations between posts and associated primary taxonomy & taxons
  • wp_yoast_seo_links: Table with 51 lines, seemingly not product related
  • wp_yoast_meta: Table that seems to keep track of how many internal and external links there are per post.

Fields wp_options

The exact number of fields probably varies from one installation to the other. Apart from transients, these seem to be the usual meta keys. They seem all to contain general settings:

  • wpseo
  • wpseo_flus_rewrite
  • wpseo_ryte
  • wpseo_social
  • wpseo_taxonomy_meta
  • wpseo_titles.


wpseo seems to contain the most general settings. It's a big field with serialised content. Probably best way to reads its content, is through the WP-CLI