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wp user: Manages users, along with their roles, capabilities, and meta.

$wp help user


  wp user


  Manages users, along with their roles, capabilities, and meta.


  wp user <command>


  add-cap             Adds a capability to a user.
  add-role            Adds a role for a user.
  check-password      Checks if a user's password is valid or not.
  create              Creates a new user.
  delete              Deletes one or more users from the current site.
  generate            Generates some users.
  get                 Gets details about a user.
  import-csv          Imports users from a CSV file.
  list                Lists users.
  list-caps           Lists all capabilities for a user.
  meta                Adds, updates, deletes, and lists user custom fields.
  remove-cap          Removes a user's capability.
  remove-role         Removes a user's role.
  reset-password      Resets the password for one or more users.
  session             Destroys and lists a user's sessions.
  set-role            Sets the user role.
  spam                Marks one or more users as spam.
  term                Adds, updates, removes, and lists user terms.
  unspam              Removes one or more users from spam.
  update              Updates an existing user.

  See references for [Roles and Capabilities][1] and [WP User class][2].

  [1] https://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities
  [2] https://codex.wordpress.org/Class_Reference/WP_User


    # List user IDs
    $ wp user list --field=ID

    # Create a new user.
    $ wp user create bob bob@example.com --role=author
    Success: Created user 3.
    Password: k9**&I4vNH(&

    # Update an existing user.
    $ wp user update 123 --display_name=Mary --user_pass=marypass
    Success: Updated user 123.

    # Delete user 123 and reassign posts to user 567
    $ wp user delete 123 --reassign=567
    Success: Removed user 123 from http://example.com

wp user generate

wp user get

wp user import-csv

wp user list

$ wp help user list


  wp user list


  Lists users.


  wp user list [--role=<role>] [--<field>=<value>] [--network] [--field=<field>] [--fields=<fields>]

  Display WordPress users based on all arguments supported by

  [1] https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/classes/wp_user_query/prepare_query/


    Only display users with a certain role.

    Control output by one or more arguments of WP_User_Query().

    List all users in the network for multisite.

    Prints the value of a single field for each user.

    Limit the output to specific object fields.

    Render output in a particular format.
    default: table
      - table
      - csv
      - ids
      - json
      - count
      - yaml


  These fields will be displayed by default for each user:

  * ID
  * user_login
  * display_name
  * user_email
  * user_registered
  * roles

  These fields are optionally available:

  * user_pass
  * user_nicename
  * user_url
  * user_activation_key
  * user_status
  * spam
  * deleted
  * caps
  * cap_key
  * allcaps
  * filter
  * url


    # List user IDs
    $ wp user list --field=ID

    # List users with administrator role
    $ wp user list --role=administrator --format=csv
    1,supervisor,supervisor,supervisor@gmail.com,"2016-06-03 04:37:00",administrator

    # List users with only given fields
    $ wp user list --fields=display_name,user_email --format=json

    # List users ordered by the 'last_activity' meta value.
    $ wp user list --meta_key=last_activity --orderby=meta_value_num