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wp cli reviews current WP-CLI info, checks for updates, or views defined aliases.


  wp cli


  Reviews current WP-CLI info, checks for updates, or views defined aliases.


  wp cli <command>


  alias             Retrieves, sets and updates aliases for WordPress Installations.
  cache             Manages the internal WP-CLI cache,.
  check-update      Checks to see if there is a newer version of WP-CLI available.
  cmd-dump          Dumps the list of installed commands, as JSON.
  completions       Generates tab completion strings.
  has-command       Detects if a command exists
  info              Prints various details about the WP-CLI environment.
  param-dump        Dumps the list of global parameters, as JSON or in var_export format.
  update            Updates WP-CLI to the latest release.
  version           Prints WP-CLI version.


    # Display the version currently installed.
    $ wp cli version
    WP-CLI 0.24.1

    # Check for updates to WP-CLI.
    $ wp cli check-update
    Success: WP-CLI is at the latest version.

    # Update WP-CLI to the latest stable release.
    $ wp cli update
    You have version 0.24.0. Would you like to update to 0.24.1? [y/n] y
    Downloading from https://github.com/wp-cli/wp-cli/releases/download/v0.24.1/wp-cli-0.24.1.phar...
    New version works. Proceeding to replace.
    Success: Updated WP-CLI to 0.24.1.

    # Clear the internal WP-CLI cache.
    $ wp cli cache clear
    Success: Cache cleared.

wp cli update

Je kunt WP-CLI updaten middels

wp cli update

of door 'm opnieuw te installeren.