Vision board

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A vision board may be a tool to help you reaching your goals, whatever those may be:

  • As a reminder
  • As a visualisation aid

Creating a digital vision board

You can easily make a digital vision board. Some examples:

Gimp + Impress (feb. 2021)

How I made a vision board in feb. 2021:

  • I used Gimp to edit pictures (make them freestanding)
  • Put the images together on a slide in LibreOffice Impress
  • Within Impress, I exported the one slide that contained the vision board by 'printing to PDF'
  • Used Gimp again to convert the PDF file to jpg.

A friend meanwhile, used an app where the various images were tiled, and I have to admid that that looked better.


  • Important that the vision board is readily available. E.g., as lock screen or home screen on your phone. Also nice printed, in a frame, on my desk
  • Pinterest: This might already be a vision board-tool on itself
  • Canva: