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Ideas for use Notion: This is a general list and is separate from a specific project:

Trello substitute

Obviously, I don't need Notion as a Trello replacement, because then I might as well use Trello. But it's a handy start:

  • Perhaps the easiest way to use Notion as a Trello replacement: Import Trello boards. These appear as pages in Notion
  • Very interesting: You can define properties yourself (properties). In Trello you have colors and maybe with a little creativity a few more things, but after that it seems to stop. In Notion you can define those things yourself!

Trello Overview

I find Trello very ergonomic, but I still mainly use it as glorified scrap paper. I find it unsuitable as a knowledge base, but even worse: I have no overview at all in Trello. This is probably the first thing I would want to use Notion for. See PostIt Schedule (Notion) for details.

Trello knowledge base

I find Trello unsuitable as a knowledge base. Perhaps this could be done better in Notion.

Trello + more tags

I find use of labels in Trello limited. I would like to work with more types of labels, dimensions or categories.

In other words: separate taxonomies. In any case, 'main categories Revenue, Overhead, BizDev, R&D, AA & Private. In addition, probably a tag system, as I apply to the contacts in my mobile.

Trello + easier overview of boards

At the end of 2021, Trello appears to have changed its structure in terms of teams and boards. I can't seem to find signs anymore.

Trello + flexible hierarchy

For example, can I have a project CompanyXYZ, which falls under acquisition first, and later under customers? In Trello I usually use two separate boards for that. That is logical in itself, but it would be nicer if these entities were linked to each other

Trello + Conversation Notes

I often keep separate text files with notes from consultations. Maybe an idea to incorporate it in Notion as well? Or am I relying too much on a third party?

Trello + links to other cards

Sometimes it is not clear to me whether a certain card belongs to project A or project B. It would be useful to place it eg at A and at B a link to the map at A.

Integrated time management + planning


  • I find Google Calendar very annoying to work with. You can do that in Notion too, right?
  • Until now I keep track of my hours separately in a spreadsheet. That's double in a way. Can't that be done in one environment? Which, for example, also keeps track of how many hours I have worked per category per week?

Shared & unshared project management tool

As soon as I share a Trello board with someone, I get the urge to add a "shadow board" to keep track of the same project, but I'd rather not share it with that other person. That's pretty dull.

Brain depot

Everything mentioned above, plus brain pot. So a repository of stuff I don't want to forget. On the other hand: There is probably little that can compete with a 'own WhatsApp group' in that area.

This is also a good example of the power of Notion: I can add such a new functionality to an already existing system. That's great!

Braindepot - non-executables

  • Sometimes I want to remember things that are not part of a task. eg. a movie that someone recommends to me. I once used a subcategory of my brain depot for this. Maybe Idea is a good name?
  • See second part of this video:

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