Unrelated records in views (Notion)

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A strange problem occured in 2022.12 at TaskAlot 3.2: Unrelated records showed up in a view

The problem

Table task contains tasks, usually related to Projects and Categories and with field Kanban state.

A board view with grouping by Project, has projects show up in the column No project. That seems weird to me, since these are projects, while the table is based on tasks

Projects appearing in a Task view??? BTW: the arrow from the unicorn is missing

Additional information

  • Just ignoring the column No project isn't an option, for there are legitimite tasks without project
  • Note that in the screenshot, The project for all five columns also appear in the column No project
  • This problem doesn't occur at the view Tasks by Category
  • According to [1], grouping by relation shouldn't be a problem
The problem also appears in Table view. Here it becomes really weird, because the displayed columns don't exist for the firs three rows

Grouping by relation should be OK

Grouping by relation shouldn't be a problem. It seems there was a major update in 2021. Maybe that it was an issue before that time:

Besides: Notion allows it.

Grouping by copy of relation works OK


I recreated the situation above from scratch, and the problem persists:

Definition of table Task
Definition of table Project
Tasks grouped by Kanban status (a local field): No problem
Tasks grouped by Project (a relation): The projects show up in group No Project

This would indicate that this is a bug: If you're not supposed to use relation fields for grouping, Notion shouldn't allow it.

Possible causes

  • OK - Messy templates: There is something wrong with some of the templates. Maybe they cause some unexpected references. → I tested this with a new temporary project + associated task, and the problem continued
  • OK - Field Project is a relation. Maybe you shouldn't group by relations? → That shouldn't be an issue
  • Bidirectional relation? On the Project page, it contains the links to the tasks. Maybe that's the problem?


I suspect that grouping by relation is not supported