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Let's define the scope of TaskAlot 4: What's included and probably equally important: What is not included.

Feature Scope

I have the impression that I have difficulties to actually start with Notion, because of feature creep: I keep making the requirements bigger and bigger. So let's cut that down right now.

And to reassure myself: I expect that I eventually will use it for more things. Even for private things - No problem. But let's cross that bridge when we get there. Not now.


What I want to use TaskAlot 4 for:

  • Projects for customer B. - Not for other customers, or my own Overhead, R&D & BizDev activities, or any personal activities
  • With a team of 5 to 10 participants - Everyone can see each other's tasks. And without the need for payed Notion accounts (preferably).


  • Project management: Basically what I use Trello for - And I like that quite a lot.
  • Project overview: What I lack in Trello: The possibility to view information from multiple projects in various groupings.

No other business categories

I find it very tempting to include projects and tasks related to my usual categories of Overhead, BizDev & R&D. Don't do that:

  • It makes stuff more complicated, including that not everybody should be able to see everything anymore
  • I want to start using TaskAlot 4.0 in 2023wk10 - Not later.

Don't automatically close tasks upon project closure

This was a hot item for me during a previous iteration. Skip it for now:

  • It isn't too hard to do this manually
  • It's prone to errors when tasks belong to different projects/categories. I suspect that this can easily become too complicated for Notion. It's just not worth it.

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