TaskAlot 3.1 - Technical specification

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Start Page

The start page contains as in-line databases the entities that are discussed below as stand-alone databases.


  • The Task page is a stand-alone database page with 8 views
  • It contains a rollup-property Project category (next to a local category fiel that copies the category name from the project to which the task is associated. I don't remember why. Maybe


Property Type Remarks
Name Name Just the name of the task
Project Relation A task could be associated with multiple projects. That works fine through this kind of relation
Project status Rollup Tasks usually are associated with projects. This property contains the status of the project: This is needed in order to be able to have changes of project status propagate to the associated tasks. One potential problem: When a task is associated with multiple projects, and one projects gets closed but the other stays active. What will happen to this task (it should stay open)?
Category Multi-select A locally populated multi-select dropdown box - Seems overkill to define a database table just for categories
Project category Rollup Copy the project's category. I don't remember what this property is for. And how about when a task is part of multiple projects?


The Projects page is a stand-alone database page with 3 views:

  • Open projects
  • Closed projects
  • View: By category

People page

The People page is a stand-alone database page with 1 gallery view.

Notes page

The Notes page is a stand-alone database page with a list view.

Pages vs. Peek view templates

Peek view templates have been defined for the following objects/situations:

  • Tasks » Daily overheads
  • Projects » NewProjectTemplate-2022.11
  • People » People template.

Although I initiually found peek view pages terribly confusing, I start to like them → Peek view (Notion).

Recurrent tasks

Recently (last months 2022), recurrent tasks has been introduced to Notion. The TaskAlot 3.0 prototype contained some examples. Might be interesting, when I would use Notion also as an agenda - I can't wait to ditch Google Calendar.


Database "Person"

Since folks with whom I collaborate, don't automatically have access to the system, have a database "Person", rather than using the build-in field Person to refer to folks with whom I collaborate.

Share per object

In Notion, you can set for each object whether it is shared with someone:

  • This is part of the free version of Notion
  • It solves the private vs. shared problem: Folks can only see what is explicitly shared with them. E.g., they can't even see the other folks in the database Person

It has one major drawback: You need to share every object separately. It seems that you can't easily see what has been shared and what not.

Focus on dates, skip weeknumbers for now

I often think in weeks and weeknumbers, rather than dates. Can be become complicated within Notion. So let's first use just dates.

Those complications:

  • Weeknumbers somehow should include the year as well: Eventually, there will come a time that it isn't obvious anymore to which year week 48 refered to
  • There is an automatic field for when the card was created. I can translate that with a simple formula to a field Wk created. But what about a deadline on Monday in week 12? Really enter week 12, or rather the real date?

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