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A repository is a collection of files. Repositories usually contains multiple versions of their files.

De Vliegende Brigade has an account on GitHub. Currently, there is only one repository in this account, with the creative name scripts
Sublime Merge: A repository is the basic object that you work with. Hence, you open repositories through the File menu. In this case, ~/Git-Repository/scripts is the correct path. I don't know what the other path is. Appearantly, I accidentially opened it and I was lost for some hours. The (correct) path contains several hidden folders and files, that tells the Git/GitHub client all that it needs to know to work with that repository (except for passwords maybe)
Folder structure of the aforementioned repository scripts


An impression of the structure of the git repository on my laptop:

Git-Repositories: Folder that currently contains only one repository
   scripts: Actual repository
      src: The actual content of the repository
         various folders & files, including branches & probably different versions of files
            copy.yml:   Script for 'copy' action within github
            deploy.yml: Script for 'deploy' action github