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RedBubble is probably the POD site with about the lowest treshhold to entrance. What seems to be the major problem: You can only show your products on RedBubble itself, and not in a webshop of your own.

Wholesale Ted:

  • Stickers have a high margin
  • Appearantly, print on t-shirts and mugs isn't of a very good quality. Stickers and stationary (including notebooks) are ok
  • She uses Printful herself.

Mike Vestil:

  • Focused on specific niches: Elephants, Jezus + combination of these
  • Use sites like Upwork for finding artists, if creating original art isn't something for you
  • Find people that already make products (like for fun) about specific topics, like cats and partner with them to make products about it on RedBubble, and split the profit
  • [1]: "Nobody finds you (directly) on RedBubble"
  • Use email marketing for directing visitors to your RedBubble shop

TheMoneyGame: Why 99% Of People Fail on Redbubble (1). Things to do right:

  • Plan for hollidays, like for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, etc. Take one or two months to prepare for it. Example Valentine's Day
    • 497.319 results

TheMoneyGame: Why 99% Of People Fail on Redbubble (2). Things to do right:

  • Use simple designs
  • Use simple products, like greeting cards & stickers
  • Use broad keywords, like 'funny t-shirts'
  • Use the auto suggestions on the search bar
  • Calculate margins correctly
  • RedBubble continually adds new products. Add these products to your portfolio
  • Marketing research: Figure out what sells well.

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