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How to read within a main view the value of a rollup-function that resides in a sub view?

The situation where this problem occurs: An order entry system with an order header and order subform. The subform calculates totals over order lines. Now how to get these into the main form?

The problem: Rollup doesn't work

In this design, there is a relation from order » orderline, but not the other way around. Therefore I can't use rollups to refer to the aggregated fields


Reverse relation

Also create a relation from order to orderlines, so a rollup can be used?

Refer to control

Refer to the value of the control in the current window - Like how it worked out for main views & sub views.

Triggers or events?

Does Notion have triggers or events? If so: Maybe every time an orderline gets edited, some fields else get updated? That still doesn't solve the problem of how to refer to a field on another entity

Program this explicitly?

Quite nice, these GUI-database applications, but it would be nice to have the possibility to refer to old-fashioned explicit programming, when GUI-stuff doesn't work out. I don't think that's possible within Notion.

Use API?

There probably is a way to do stuff explicitly: Through the API. I have the impression that it's quite popular to use the API for stuff.

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