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Contingency problem

Occasionally I run into limitations that by lack of a better name, I call propagation problems or contingency problems: Choice B or situation B depends on choice A or situation A and I don't know how to incorporate that in Notion. It seems like situation where in MySQL, I would typically use double join.

Some examples:

Categories & Projects

  • I have Categories and Projects. A Project usually belongs to one Category. Tasks belong to Projects (and therefore automatically to the associated Category).
  • When I create a new card, I may first choose a Category. Subsequently, I would choose a Project. Options concerning Project should be limited to the Projects within the given Category

Hide tasks of finished projects

  • I have overviews of tasks, e.g., all tasks with a high priority or all tasks per Category - Such overviews are actually one of the things I most like about Notion
  • When a project has Status='finished', the tasks are still in these overview: I can't filter on the Project status


  • Can I share a part of my Notion setup with others?
  • While still having control what he/she can do or change?
  • While making sure that he/she doesn't have access to stuff I don't want to share?
  • Preferably without having to pay an enormous amount?

Is Notion ready for business?

This is probably my major concern: Is Notion good enough for colaboration with others?

  • It often feels like a toy
  • I'm afraid that if I start using it with others, that I don't have control over my data
  • I'm afraid that down the road, I would make such major changes to my current datamodel, that I have to start all over again. Maybe even every couple of months.

Is Notion worth the investment?

I've spend already quite some hours on Notion:

  • How sure can I be, that Notion will still be around in 5 or 10 years?
  • Maybe better to use a self-hosted open source alternative?

De-clutter the interface?

I found some of the views a bit cluttered. Can I change that?

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