Productmigratie (WooCommerce)

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How can I migrate 220 products from one WooCommerce instance to another? This is a case from May 2022



  • 220 Products
  • 1 image/product - These can be migrated manually
  • Categories are being used - No problem to migrate & associate these manually
  • 'simple product' class.


  • Title
  • Description
  • Inventory - Can be updated manually
  • SKU
  • Regular price (euro, incl. VAT)
  • Shipping class
  • Menu order.

Fields not being used:

  • Product short description
  • Reviews
  • Attributes.


Source website is located on a VPS running CentOS. I don't know CentOS and it's probably easier to clone the site and/or database to my own VPS and do migration from there: Products don't change much and even the inventory state can be updated manually.


A regular TransIP hosting-account, not located on a VPS.



Export is quite simple: Just download the database + use some SQL, resulting in an CSV file.

Or maybe use a plugin? Inventory:

  • WordPress Importer - Seems promising, including Categories
  • Duplicator: Already installed at the source.


  • Not something to do through SQL, but at the very least through WP-CLI or PHP
  • I probably don't have access to WP-CLI, as this is on a regular hosting account, probably without SSH-access
  • I could do this through PHP, invoked through the website, but that's a lot of custom work for something quite standard
  • Use a plugin?

Inventory of plugins: