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The object browser, part of the sidebar

In Notion, the object browser, object navigator or object hierarchy is the section at the sidebar that displays the object hierarchy of the currrent workspace. I made up this name myself. You're welcome.

Pages, subpages and databases have the same symbol

This workspace contains a main page (Shiny New Page), a subpage (SubPage) and three database tables (=standalone databases). They all three have the same symbol

A full-page database is a stand-alone database

Note that there is no page inbetween Shiny New Page and MyFullPageDatabase. That is because a so-called full-page database table, could rather be seen as a stand-alone database table: It simply doesn't come with a page. That's all

A dot is a view

A dot indicates a view, not a database
A dot indicates a view, not a database

There is always a database above a view

Shocking new insight (2022.12.09): The object above a view, seems to always be a database table

Definately: The entities above the views, are database tables. Is that accidentially, or a pattern?
I've checked and it is really the case here that the entity above a view, is always a database table. It seems that there is only one actual page in this workspace (top-level page) and further only stand-alone database views
Another example: A system with 4 databases and 1 page (that contains a link to one of the databases. I don't know if the view is also a link)

Another example

  • Untitled: Name of the database table
  • Table: Name of the view (sorry for the confusing naming)
.. » Edit database name: Changed the name of the database table
Created a reference to this same database table
Another test: Created three views

Document vs. floppy icons?

I was sure that sometimes there are document-like icons in front of entities, and sometimes floppy-like icons. I think that's not the case: They are all document-like icons, but due to aliasing, the sometimes look a lot smaller - Just change the resolution to check this.

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