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Klaviyo does email and SMS marketing. It can integrate with a WooCommerce site through its plugin, also called klaviyo.

Plugin installation

wp plugin install klaviyo --activate

Klaviyo doesn't add any WP-CLI commands.

Case: WooCommerce-Klaviyo Integration (2022.10)

After establishing a Klaviyo account and installing their WordPress plugin, these two entities try to connect.

The problem

Klaviyo can't connect to a webshop where the plugin has been installed: Unable to access orders API

Possible causes

  • Some serious cashing happens at this site. Even the DNS entries point to somewhere else (CDN?). Maybe that's a problem?

Additional information & Actions

  • Site » wp-admin » Plugins » Klaviyo » Setup: It asks for permission to exchange WooCommerce data. Nothing more. This permission originated on the website (so no issues with firewall). Also no issues concerning identificaiton of the Klaviyo account: That isn't even asked for (of course, Klaviyo knows which site connects to which account)
  • Uninstalled the plugin (which wasn't installed by me): wp plugin deactivate klaviyo; wp plugin uninstall klaviyo and reinstalled it: wp plugin install klaviyo --activate + run the procedure again: No difference
  • REST API is used for communications. This seems to work fine (see screenshot below)
Yep: Klaviyo uses REST API and credentials seem to have been established
  • Disable caching: Disabled Object Pro Cache (button dashboard) and WP Rocket (deactivated the plugin): No difference.