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KDP - Kindle Direct Publishing, is Amazon's self-publishing platform for e-books on the Kindle device and print-on-demand paperbacks. It is a selling platform for publishers, rather than a publisher itself:

  • When publishing on KDP, printing, packaging & delivery are all done by Amazon
  • The product that you have to submit to KDP: cover plus content


  • KDP published works appear on Amazon's webshops, and visitors may not be aware that the product comes through KDP
  • Additionally, KDP published works are available in the Kindle Store, which is part of the usual Amazon webshops. E.g.: https://www.amazon.com/Kindle-Store/b?node=133140011


Royalties basically are 60% of sales price minus costs of printing:

  • When customers return their book, you get to keep the royalties
  • KDP Select Publishing: When you agree to sell only on Amazon, you can receive 70% royalties on e-books
  • Usually, books with a sell price below $2.99, only get 35% royalties
  • Example margin paperback book: $15 → $4: 24%.

Marketing information

Similar to selling products on Amazon, Amazon gets all the customer information - not you. There might me ways to lure people from the book to your own site, and that way, serve customers directly and also collect customer data directly.

Side hustle

Generating revenue through KDP, is often considered a side hustle. Try to use your time effective.

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