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Since approximately 2010, I use TransIP. I really like them, but in August 2023, someone attended me to Hetzner, and the difference in price is considerable + their offer is wider. Maybe time for a comparison?


  1. EU-based, so no US- or GB-based company
  2. Focused on high-level hosting. No entry-level hosting company
  3. Preferably based in The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Scandinavia or Finland
  4. Preferably not based in France or Hungary.

Long list

Provider First impression
Akamai (Linode) US company - Skip
  • World's second largest provider, hosting 11% of all sites [1]
  • I do not want to do business with them
  • 6th largest provider in the world, hosting 3.2% of all sites [2]
  • US-based [3] ⇒ Skip
Cloudways Appearantly, they have been bought by Digital Ocean, which is US-based ⇒ Skip
Digital Ocean
  • 9th largest provider in the world [4]
  • US-based ⇒ Skip
  • Biggest provider in the world, hosting 15.6% of all sites [5]
  • They seem focused on the market's entry level - I don't think we would be a fit.
Google Cloud Platform
  • World third largest provider, hosting 7.9% of all sites
  • I quite like Google, but not enough to do be willing to business with them, if I can avoid it.
  • 7th largest provider in the world, hosting 2.7% of all sites [6]
  • German, wide range, much cheaper than TransIP, recommended by O.
HostGator US-based + entry-level focus ⇒ Skip

Seems a fine hosting provider, but slightly at the lower side of the market: Mostly focused on shared hosting and WordPress hosting; No dedicated servers; Cloud servers are from Google and not their own:

IBM Just joking - I would never do business with such an old and very tired company. Do they still breath?
1&1 Ionos
  • World fourth largest provider, hosting about 6.5% of all websites
  • German
Liquid Web
  • 8th largest provider in the world
  • US-based ⇒ Skip
Microsoft I'm not sure if they are actually a hosting provider, but I don't want to do business with them anyway, eventhough they might not be the nasty company anymore that they used to be - I remember last century still too well
  • Big French provider [7]
  • Unhappy customers? [8] - Maybe this is the legendary French unfriendliness? I think I rather choose a Dutch or German provider
  • Very pleasant to do business with
  • Dutch
  • Limited offers
  • Expensive

Short list

Provider Evaluation
  • Feels good
  • Much cheaper than TransIP
1&1 Ionos They meet the specs
  • I really like them
  • Expensive!