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Concerning dedicated servers, the Rest tab offers the following options:

  • Press power button of server
  • Long power button press
  • Execute an automatic hardware reset
  • Order a manual power cycle.

Press power button of server

Help text:

If the server is powered down, it can be turned back on with this function. If the server is still running,
it will receive an ACPI signal to shut down. Our servers and standard images are configured so that this
process triggers a regular operating system shutdown. What happens is actually exactly the same as what
happens when you press the power button on your home computer.

What I think this means:

  • When the server is down, it will start
  • When it server is active, it gets a signal to gracefully go down.

Case: 2024.07.08

I did this on a spare server, for testing:

  1. Shut down MySQL server: Stop MySQL server
  2. Press power button of server
  3. It took about 10 seconds before the 'button press' became actve
  4. I received a confirmation by email.

Have had enough fun? Let's press again this button, to start the server again:

  1. Press power button of server
  2. Received message: The reset request has been sent
  3. I received a confirmation by email
  4. After about half a minute, I got messages: kex_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer when trying to log-in (SSH)
  5. After again about half a minute, I could log in. It reminded me, that starting a dedicated server seems to take much longer than starting a VPS.

Long power button press

Help text - Pretty clear:

This option forces the server to immediately shut off. It should only be used in cases where the system is
unresponsive to a graceful shut-down.

Execute an automatic hardware reset

Help text:

What happens in the background here is exactly the same as when you press the reset button on your home PC.
  • It's been a while ago that I had a reset button on a home PC, but I guess it means a graceful shutdown, followed by a 'warm restart': Not everything gets a completely fresh start.
  • It's probably comparable to Press power button of server, followed by another Press power button of server, but without a complete cold restart.

Order a manual power cycle

Help text:

The manual power cycle (cold reset) option will generate an email that will be sent directly to our data
center. Our technicians will then disconnect your server from the power supply, reconnect it, and thereby
restart the system. Our technician will send you an email once they have restarted the system and it is
reachable again. If you cannot reach the server after the power cycle, the technician will connect a
remote console to your server and send you the login details. The manual power cycle can be reasonable as
part of a trouble-shooting process; however, it is a more drastic option. We advise you to consider the
following aspects before using it:

* Warning: Our technicians will not inspect the state of the server before the power cycle. If you would
  like us to provide you with information on the state of the system or to process your request in a
  specific way, please open a suitable support request in the support section (e.g. Support; Product;
  Technical; Server is unstable) and let us know how we can help you.
* Have you tried other, less drastic reset options? Or have you considered ordering a remote console
  (Support; Product; Remote Console)?
* If your server has an IPMI (e.g. iDRAC with Dell servers), you can use it to inspect the screen output
  of the server and conduct a restart.

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