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When a TransIP VPS is down, I could usually still access it through a bash-like interface at their site. How is this concerning servers at Hetzner, especially dedicated servers?

To cut to the chase: Requesting a KVM switch, is pretty much the only alternative way to approach a server. However, here are the other things you can do in such cases.


For comparison: Tools from TransIP:

  • Help pages
  • Tickets (text messages)
  • Console: TransIP's management console offers a Bash-interface. This usually still worked when otherwise SSH wasn't working anymore
  • Reboot


  • Help pages
  • Power button presses - See Hetzner - Server reset for details
  • KVM
  • Rescue system: Reboot into a small network-based Linux distribition
  • Support requests.


The option KVM is available at

Hetzner Robot » (choose server) » Support » Product » Remote Console
  • The KVM request will be added to the queue for these requests. It can take up to hours before the request is being carried out. However, it is also possible to make an appointment for a certain moment in time
  • KVM stands for Keyboard Video Mouse: It's a physical device that (in this case) connects the keyboard, video and mouse ports of the server over the internet to the client
  • This is pretty much the only real way to connect to a server without using SSH - It's quite dramatic.

Rescue system

The option Rescue system is available at

Hetzner Robot » (choose server) » Rescue
  • It will reboot the server, but rather than booting from the server, it will boot through Pixie from a small network-based Linux-like OS
  • Subsequently, you can mount the drives, e.g., to check log files.

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