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AdWords Fundamentals

Module 1: Understanding the value of online avertising

  • Startpagina
  • 1.1. Benefits of online advertising and AdWords
  • 1.2. Google's advertising networks
  • 1.3. Where your ads can appear
  • 1.4. The quality of your ads
  • 1.5. What you pay

Module 2: Setting up an AdWords campaign

  • Startpagina
  • 2.1. Choosing a campaign style
  • 2.2. Structuring your campaign
  • 2.3. Targeting your audience
  • 2.4. Setting bids and budgets
  • 2.5. Creating ad groups
  • 2.6. Tools to plan a campaign

Module 3: Measuring and optimizing performance

Search Advertising exam


Module 1: Search advertising overview

  • Consumer behavior and the impact of search
  • Search advertising trends and opportunities
  • How search advertising can fulfill client objectives

Module 2: Set up your Search Network campaign

Module 3: Measure your Search Network campaign

  • Inleiding
  • Module 3.1
  • Module 3.2

Search Advertising exam refresher guide (pdf)

Dit pdf-document bevat deels compleet andere informatie dan de site, (bv. ad extensions)

Display Advertising exam


Module 1: About the google Display Network

  • Where ads might appear in the Display Network
  • About contextual targeting
  • About the Display Network ad auction
  • About "Search Network with Display Select"
  • Create an effective mobile site

Module 2: Setting up a Display Network campaign

  • About campaign settings
  • About the AdWords Ad gallery
  • Bidding features on the Display Network
  • Choose a bid for your Display Network campaign
  • Bid on viewable impressions using viewable CMP
  • About Enhanced CPC (ECPC)
  • About bid adjustments
  • About automated bidding
  • Create dynamic display ads
  • Create a Lightbox ad
  • Lightbox ad requirements
  • Editorial
  • Fix a disapproved ad or extension

Module 3: Showing your ads on the Display Network

  • Targeting settings on the Display Network
  • About managed placements
  • Target content about relevant topics
  • About negative keywords
  • About language targeting
  • About ad scheduling
  • About device targeting
  • Display Planner basics
  • The Display Network tab

Module 4: Reaching your audience on the Display Network

Module 5: Measuring and optimizing performance on the Display Network

  • Drive sales and generate leads
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Evaluate ad performance on the Display Network
  • Account, campaign, and ad group performance
  • Explore your data on the Campaigns tab
  • Optimize Display Network ads and campaigns
  • Tips for creating effective display ads
  • About automatic targeting in Display
  • About conversion tracking

Display Advertising PDF download

  • Download
  • Tav. remarketing, staan hier geen toevoegingen in tov. de html-handleidingen hierboven.

Video Advertising exam

Module 1: An overview of video advertising

Module 2: Campaign creation and management

Module 3: Performance measurement and optimization

Shopping Advertising exam

Module 1: Overview of how Product Listing Ads work

  • About Google Merchant Center
  • About Shopping campaigns and Shopping ads

Module 2: Create a Google Merchant Center account

  • Set up your account
  • Verify and claim your website URL
  • Set up a multi-client account
  • Navigate Google Merchant Center

Module 3: Create your product data feed

  • Product data specification
  • Provice high-quality data
  • Register a feed
  • Supported file formats
  • Upload a feed

Module 4: Create Shopping campaigns in AdWords

  • Requirements for Shopping campaigns
  • Create a Shopping campaign
  • Manage a Shopping campaign with product groups
  • Use custom labels for a Shopping campaign
  • Use campaign priority for Shopping campaigns
  • Monitor and optimize your Shopping campaigns
  • Use the bid simulator with Shopping campaigns

Mobile Advertising exam

Module 1: Mobile overview

Module 2: Bidding and tagering

Module 3: Mobile ads

Module 4: Measurements