Google Merchant Center - Feed optimalisation

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This article discusses optimalisation of Google Merchant Center (gMC) product feeds, mostly for use in Google Shopping (gSh).


  • Use GTIN
  • Optimize title
  • Use all available attributes
  • Use custom labels for segmenting the feed in your campaigns
  • Test what works
  • Research what search terms your public uses
  • Dynamic repricing
  • Use regular expressions
  • Sales & merchant promotions
  • Change product IDs for underperforming products.


  • Google uses only the title (after GTIN to be precise) to determine whether or not to display a given product. Hence it is important to include all terms that are relevant for visitors in the title
  • Use all available 150 characters
  • Make use of front loading: Only around the first 70 characters are usually shown
  • Use search reports like in Google Ads and Google Search Console to figure out relevant terms
  • Do the title as latest field, after all the other fields, so you can easily reuse these other fields
  • Don't use sales talk.