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Juhu! It's 2023 and I'm ready for the 21st century: We're adopting Git - The most popular Distributed Version Control System (VCS), in combination with GitHub (for storing the actual sourcecode).

Installing Git

Git is the software. It's basically a bunch of CLI commands that you install on the computers where you want to use it.


sudo apt install git

Git clients - Sublime Merge

Interacting with repositories like GitHub, SVN or Bitbucket can be done using the command line, but it's more common to use a graphical Git client for this. One of these is Sublime Merge. Since Sublime Text is my default editor, I think I'll try Sublime Merge. See Sublime Merge for details, but changes are, that the main stuff is included in this article


GitHub is an online storage service for use with Git. As a comparison:

  • Git is similar to Dropbox
  • GitHub similar to the Amazon S3 storage that Dropbox uses.

You need a personal GitHub account and you somehow need access to personal repositories, or those of an organisation.

Clone a repository

When you clone a repository, you get a copy of all versions of all files - Not just the main branch. See [1] for details.

On the GitHub site, see Organisation » Code » Local for details.

Sublime Merge

  • You can only use the HTTPS variant, not SSH
  • Create a personal access token (see above)
  • Sublime Merge » File » Clone repository

Command line

  • GitHub » Profile » Settings » SSH and GPG keys: Upload the computer's public key
  • git clone

Remove a clone


From within the directory that holds the .git file:

git gc --prune=all
cd ..
rm -rf reponame

BTW: As far as I can tell, GitHub doesn't keep track of where repositories have been cloned - I can clone & destroy them as often as I want (for practicing purposes) without creating weird meta data.

Clone the main branch

How to download a clone of a specific branch, like the main branch? E.g.: A collection of bash files?

Or am I asking the wrong question? I actually want to deploy the stuff that's stored on GitHub (although that's the wrong term) → See below


  • Think of push or git push as publish or update: Update the remote branch with local commits
  • It seems you do this at the GitHub repository page, not in the local client (although I guess that would be equally possible).



How to deploy a branch?

Specifically: I want the script files in repository devliegendebrigade/scripts (or whatever) to magically appear in /usr/local/bin on servers, and in Dropbox/Overhead/Scripts on my laptop (or maybe I want to change that also to /usr/local/bin, now that I don't need Dropbox as backup for these):

  • GitHub » Actions
  • Copy script: scripts / .github / workflows / copy.yml: A yaml script

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