Default Customer Location (WooCommerce)

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The WooCommerce default customer location, determines what VAT rate to use for displaying prices and therefore, how prices are displayed.

In my experience, this basically didn't work and I used to ignore it. However, today (2022.10.10), I found out that it actually worked (at least, for today).

Hierarchy of location setting

How WooCommerce figures out the location of a customer, in order of increased signifigance:

  1. Shop location
  2. Default Customer Location
  3. Delivery address.


Setting for Default customer locations is located at wp_admin » WooCommerce » Settings » General » Store address


  • Default customer location is set using Geolocate
Price incl. VAT of a given product, as it was entered in the backend of the site
Logged in as admin: I see prices as they are entered (I think)
Guest session: I get a price with 23% instead of 21% - Ah yes: I'm located in Poland and for once, geolocation is working

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