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When you create a database table within Notion, you create it together with a view: A certain way in which the data is presented. A bit like a combination of a table view and form view in Microsoft access.

In this article, this process is discussed a bit and some views are mentioned. It isn't exhaustive at this time (2022.12):

Creating a database table & view

Database tables live within pages. Here's how to create a database table plus different views at a page:

Various kinds of database tables (1): This is a 'normal' static table - See below
Various kinds of database tables (2)
Various kinds of database tables (3)

Table (Basic blocks) - Not a database table

Let's clear up this potential confusion:

  • The basic blocks object table is not a database table, but an ordinary table such as you can create with a program like LibreOffice
  • This is why this object is in the category basic blocks, and not under Database.

Table database view

The table database or table database view seems the most basic way to represent a table. It seems to be about the closest thing in Notion to a 'raw table view'. See Database tables (Notion) for details.

Board database view

board database means a Kanban-like database: As a template to create a certain type of database in one go. Useful!

Voorbeeld van Board - Full page. Ik ben verrast dat het zo'n compleet Kanban-like board oplevert. Is dat echt maar één database-object?

Timeline database

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