Database properties (Notion)

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In Notion, fields or columns are called properties.

Default properties

A newly created database table contains the following properties:

Property Name Property Type Notes
Name Title Interesting: Notion has a specific property type called Title
Tags Multi-select I really like these multi-select fields. That's much more work to code by yourself


  • There is no default property Description - I though there was, but I can't find it back
  • Database tables have a title, but that's not a property as intended here
  • By clicking on the "+" at the top of the column right of Tags, you can define additional properties on the fly.

Deleting properties

  • Views and 'bare tables' are not separate. So in order to delete a property, just delete it from any view
  • You cannot always delete properties. E.g., when they're used in relations - There might be more situations like this.

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