Daily scrum

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Daily scrum, daily scrum standup meeting, scrum standup meeting, scrum meeting or whatever you call it: The short daily meeting where team members tell about their progress.

  • Every day, except the first day of a sprint, when there is a Sprint Planning Meeting instead
  • Frequency is independent of the number of participants: Keep doing sprints daily, even when there are only 3 participants
  • All members report. Also Product Owner & Scrum Master - Not only developers. Or is it? See next chapter.

Does the Product Owner participate?

See YouTube Video Why does Scrum Make Programmers Hate Coding? (t=28s): It states that Product Owners shouldn't participate in daily scrum meetings, because developers can't be honest when the Product Owner is around. Interesting. I'm not sure if I agree, but I do understand the issue.

What information?

What kind of information are you looking for as a product owner or scrum master, or maybe just any team member? Some ideas, starting with the most important aspect:

  • Is somebody stuck on an issue? - Is somebody already busy for a long time on the same issue?
  • Is everyone busy? Or are there members who have nothing to do?
  • What issues are added to the sprint?
  • How is overall progress going?