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Coworking space Evaluation
Alter ?
Business Link Lubin Doesn't operate anymore in Lublin
Garden Office Doesn't seem to exist anymore
Nord Park Doesn't seem to exist anymore
Regus ? Promising
Software Camp Doesn't operate anymore
Technic Office Park Doesn't seem to exist anymore
Technology Incubator Lublin Does it still exist?
Wirtualne Biuro Smart ?


  • Their site doesn't support SSL and cookie notification seems dubious
  • Text on the site seems to suggest that it is only open during regular business hours.

Business Link Lublin

Business Link Lublin doesn't seem to operate anymore in Lublin:

Garden Office

Their website doesn't function anymore, and their Facebook-page has its last post from January 2012 - More than 10 years ago.

Nord Park

Nord Park is mentioned on this dubious site and Google Maps, but they don't seem to have a website of their own.

Website made a good impression on me. I contacted them in May 2022. Unfortunately, they were about to open in June 2022 only.

Software Camp

Software Camp doesn't seem to function anymore:

  • In 2020, I spend one day working there. It was a bit strange, with only one other worker, and a staff that wasn't very involved. Everything looked new. Like it was all bought through subsidy (or for money laundrey), with nobody actually caring about the business
  • When I contacted them by phone in 2021, they simply said that they didn't have any places (it was at the height of a corona lockdown)
  • In May 2022, I emailed them, but got no reply. When phoning them, they said that they didn't have any places.

Technic Office Park

Doesn't seem to exist anymore (May 2022).

Technology Incubator Lublin

Seems that Technology Incubator Lublin or Inkubator Lublin isn't functioning:

Wirtualne Biuro Smart

Wirtualne Biuro Smart: Their site looks strange and unattractive to me.